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Canada Hill

Our Vision, Values and ethos

“Together we embrace a learning adventure inspiring creative, inquisitive and compassionate children who show determination, perseverance and the courage to explore”

For our children:

  • To value and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and individuality, including their own.
  • To develop independent, well rounded, confident, capable and socially aware children.
  • To promote respect for others, with the ethos of the school being a strong community.
  • To allow the children to become open and creative independent thinkers.
  • To help children develop strong schema of knowledge in each subject discipline and help them remember that knowledge.
  • To successfully prepare children for the next stage of their education and development.

As a school:

  • We are fully committed to safe-guarding all children and all members of our school community.
  • We continually seek to improve and enhance our provision. 
  • We aim to maintain our high levels of achievement and seek to build and improve upon this, enabling all children to make individual progress and reach their full potential.  
  • We fully utilise our extensive grounds in order to provide a wide range of learning experiences.
  • We value the talented staff we have at Canada Hill and we work hard to retain and develop our “outstanding” status in the top 10% of schools, with aspirations to improve further. 

How will we achieve this?

  • We are committed to broadly follow the National Curriculum whilst strengthening areas to enhance pupil success.  For example:  we will further develop the enjoyment of outdoor learning and hands-on learning experiences, both within the classroom and outside; promoting purposeful learning within our local, national and global community.
  • Continue to develop a knowledge-first curriculum in which key concepts are clearly mapped out, linked, revisited and built upon over time.
  • Constantly improve the quality of teaching across school through the provision of inspirational teaching and through a highly developed team ethos amongst our staff. 
  • We will utilise tried and tested teaching methods but are prepared to innovate. 

How do we know we are succeeding?

  • Our children and staff are happy, come to school willingly, and have a thirst for learning.
  • Our children are continually making progress. 
  • We continue to achieve highly against national achievement data.